Andrzej Jackowski

A Space in the Dark

23 November - 22 December 2017

Purdy Hicks is pleased to present new paintings and drawings by Andrzej Jackowski.

Using powerful, insistent images from his past he explores ideas of human memory and psyche, both on a personal and more collective level. His work often carries themes of dispossession and melancholy drawn from a childhood spent in a refugee camp.
Poetry is an abiding source of inspiration for Jackowski. “I've been quite consistent in using everyday objects like tables and beds in ordinary rooms, in a limited, austere repertoire . . . there's less detail and more of an evocation of place through colour, pattern and rhythm"

Jackowski describes this new body of work as an alternative reality dreamt by our unconscious: " The space in the dark is in a way, the space in our minds; the unconscious, but as well our life in between the two darkness’s, full of memory, dreams and desires. In the bed rising out of the settlement into the night sky, full of different births of our very own individual solar systems, is a way of evoking that state of mind… The present (The Remembered Present) being rooted in our memory, dreams and desires."