SMALL Group Exhibition


6 July - 2 Sept 2017

Amy Bennett, Pierre Bergian, Jonathan Delafield Cook, Claire Kerr, Anni Leppala, David Quinn, Anna Maria Schonrock, Bettina von Zwehl, and Masao Yamamoto.

The works in this exhibition answer to the concept of the small and miniature as a working process and statement. The scale defines the personal aesthetic of each artist and celebrates the preciousness of the small. The small scale opens up the realm of the intimate and the subconscious drawing the viewer closer into a scaled down relationship between space and time.

Claire Kerr observes, " in a painting, a small scale has the same effect, perhaps, as looking through a keyhole - reminding us of a way into another world, in this case the world of the imagination. The keyhole is small, but the imaginative world beyond that it represents is limitless, opening out far beyond the confines of the painted surface”.

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