Tessa Traeger

Tessa Traeger has built an international reputation as a master of still life, imbuing her subjects with an intense, personal quality. She is widely acknowledged as having raised the subject of photographic, food still life to the status of art. Trained at Guildford School of Photography and Fine Art, Traeger has worked at Rossetti Studios in Chelsea, London since the 1960s. She is especially known for her still-life photographs taken on large format cameras many of which were published during her long association with British Vogue. Inspired by some of her illustrious predecessors, she has sought to balance the demands and developments of both commissioned and personal work.

She has exhibited regularly since 1978 in Paris, London and New York. Her work is represented in the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.