Eeva Karhu

Eeva Karhu (b. 1980, Finland ) lives and works in Helsinki where she studied photography at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Since graduating in 2014 she has exhibited widely in Europe, including a solo show at the Photographic Gallery, Hippolyte, Helsinki. Karhu’s work is held in the collections of Helsinki City Museum, The Finnish State Art Collection, and private collections worldwide.

Eeva Karhu writes:
‘My camera is my eye. It captures moments between what I’m viewing and me. I record the time that I will soon pass through while I experience the timelessness of its passing. I walk a circle which path has neither beginning nor end. I photograph this path where each beginning is the horizon of the last one. By layering all these photographs together they form one image that documents my journey. In a sense I record time
 and in so doing, I continue its movement forever.