Charlotte Verity

For almost three decades Charlotte Verity (born 1954, Germany) has painted and drawn her Camberwell garden. The images shift according to 'season, time of day or what I might be reading at the time', she explains. Her work is as concerned with the space around her subjects and the atmosphere they create as it is with the actual reality of petals, leaves and fruit. 'I love line. I can be deeply touched by the way a stem bends- just so. Or by the curve of an eye, a particular eye, or limb or whatever it may be. It is marvellous too, to see the way the light falls and reveals, and to note it in terms of tone, endeavouring to give it shape. Observational drawing underlies every painting that I make. Looking and drawing, gazing and drawing – without prejudice, is like seeing something for the first time with the urgency of a last and final glance'. Charlotte Verity studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. Her work has been shown widely including a 2011 exhibition at the Garden Museum, London, where she was Artist in Residence, and a solo show in 2015 with the National Trust in Flatford, Dedham. She has been teaching at the Royal Drawing School since 2001.