Edgar Martins

Edgar Martins (born 1977, Évora, Portugal) grew up in Macau, moving to London in 1996, where he completed an MA in Photography and Fine Arts at the Royal College of Art.
Landscape, place, space, and architecture have established themselves as the predominant themes in Martins' photographic imagery. Martins uses photography to develop a philosophical, quasi-scientific investigation, examining various minimalist concepts of the contemporary urban landscape. Moving between the factual and fictional, between the concrete and the metaphorical, the artist operates within a landscape of uncertainty, permanent flux, transition and opposition.
His work maintains a close and subtle dialogue with the traditions of topography and landscape photography, but there is also a link to the cinematic, the pictorial, and the sculptural. Martins' photography remains unique in its psychological nuances, playing on the appeal and fascination of the unknown as we are faced with the pure emptiness of man-made spaces of experimentation.