Ralph Fleck

The subjects for the paintings of Ralph Fleck (born 1951, Freiburg, Germany) range from cityscapes and crowds, to subtly monochromatic paintings of the Alps and the twisted detritus of rubbish heaps. Fleck has created his own painterly language which involves movement between moments of close observation and of objective distance. Every inch of a painting's surface is important to him and each is painted with the same absorption and intensity. It is vital that the brush marks are both raw and immediate. When he paints a mountain or a city it is the idea of a mountain or a city; something of their essence, rather than their particularity that is captured in paint. His cityscapes do not depict a real city, full of history and contemporary bustle, nor are they contemporary versions of impressionism or expressionism; like all his subjects, they detonate a series of ideas and emotions that allow him to take on the challenge of the empty canvas.