Jorma Puranen

Jorma Puranen (born 1951, Helsinki) has become known for his conceptual images of northern landscapes and readdressing historical portraits. In his work he explores the themes of history, culture, identity and memory, creating a dialogue between the past and the present. Puranen often uses archive material as his point of departure, but instead of concentrating on the objects themselves, he studies the reflections, shadows, brushstrokes and cracks on their surfaces; the layers of uncertainty in between the object and the viewer. As he writes, 'Photography's capacity to register reflections is actually its singular gift. What other medium deals so expressively with the play of light and shadow?'

Jorma Puranen is one of Finland's best known photographers, with his work held in many major international photographic collections. His distinguished career has included a long tenure as Professor of Photography at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki